WW Meal Planning/Prepping Tips

Whoever said sticking to a healthy lifestyle is easy was LYING. It’s not easy. Set aside the emotional and mental effects of overcoming a food addiction and it’s STILL hard. Staying on track is literally an every day, every moment achievement. But with a little bit of work and support, you can get through this. The following is what I have discovered helps me stay on track and within points.

#1 – Planning

This first step is essential. Since my belief is the best nutrition we can get is given to us ourselves, cooking is an essential part of staying healthy. By cooking your own meals and prepping your own snacks, you take charge of your health by ensuring the ingredients are of good quality. There is a plethora of information out there. Inspiration around every corner! Research. You can start with the WW website that has lots of yummy recipes to try out. Pinterest is also an excellent place to search for healthy recipes. Lastly, Facebook. There are lots of different Facebook groups set up by WW members to help others share recipes, offer advice, and give lots of support.

Once your planning is done and you have your stack of recipes ready, it’s time to develop your menu. I do mine once a month, for each week. Do yours weekly, every 2 weeks…whatever is more convenient for you. My menu is simple. I created it in an Excel workbook and each work sheet is a week. I have each meal plus my snack on it. See pic below. The menu will give you a daily visual on what you are to eat and how many points you’ve used and have left. It’s very helpful in keeping you on track!

#2 – Menu

Once you have planned what you want to eat and created your menu for the week, the last thing to do is to prep. We all have busy lives and for most people – mornings are hectic.

About once a month I make breakfast burritos (found in the recipe section). So easy – just pop in the microwave and enjoy! We have lots of freezer meals recipes available. If you’ve made a big crockpot of chili or cooked too many chicken breasts, freeze it! It will make for a quick dinner in the future. We also like to prep our meat for lunches. Once a month my husband will smoke several packages of chicken breasts and we debone, cut off all skin and fat, cut into chunks, measure out and freeze into individual bags. We pull a bag out at lunch, reheat in the microwave and have healthy protein to add to sandwiches, wraps or salads. You can do the exact same thing with a rotisserie chicken from the store, or bake a bunch of chicken breasts. On Sunday, I get all my snacks ready for the week, if not I will forget them. Because it’s important for me to keep my insulin levels balanced, it’s important I have snacks that are properly balanced. I know I will not have time to do it in the mornings, so I have a large lunch tote I fill with water bottles and a lunch pail I fill with fruits, cheeses & protein shakes.

Everything is laid out so I can see it. Plus, I added my remaining points, in case I need a splurge!

You can be successful, but it’s not going to magically happen. However, with a little planning & prepping, you can have a plan in motion that will help you be successful.

Stay Picky ya’ll!

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