The Crack House

Yesterday was simply awful. Trying to get this blog set up and make it look professional yet functional was literally making me wish for chocolate, in every form! Just so happened we had a conference call at work that morning. These are updates the company does to keep everyone informed of what is going on behind the scenes. The problem is they always bring in food. Normally, I arm myself with fruit or a nice WW treat. But that morning I was just not feeling well and it completely slipped my mind. SO there I am, surrounded by the one thing I didn’t need right then – donuts! OMG, it was all I could do ya’ll. I swear I got light-headed and dizzy from the smell! I’m not even joking! But I kept telling myself, I didn’t need it. I have fruit and snacks at my desk I can eat after the meeting. Drink your coffee and ignore it. IT. WAS. SO. HARD! Imagine a recovering crack head sitting in a crack house. That was me. I was the recovering crack head! Then, I kid you not, the following conversation happens between a co-worker and I:

Her: So did you bring your little mug cake

Me: No, didn’t have time

Her: Oh…and we had donuts too

Well no shit Karen! But you know something? I resisted. Yes I did. I was so proud of myself that I just couldn’t believe it. I actually handled a stressful situation, tempted by luscious donuts and didn’t give in. Instead I went back to my desk and inhaled a bag of grapes! But what made me feel really good about myself, weigh in this morning. I’ve been struggling with maintaining or gaining, this morning I had a 4 pound loss! Yay me!! Makes yesterday extra special. ❤

Still working on the holiday weight, but…My stats are now:

SW:315 CW: 263 GW: 150ish

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