Traveling with WW

I hear about the struggle everyone has while on vacation and staying on track all the time. When someone is taken out of their comfort zone and routine, it can sometimes lead to really bad decisions. But you can still take vacations and stay on track, even if you do decide to splurge. It will be ok. It’s about what you do when you come home that matters. However, if you’re like me, you like to stay on track as much as possible. With summer coming on, we take a lot of trips. I thought I would share some tips with you that we practice to help you stay on track and stay focused.

My husband and I have a travel trailer, so when we vacation, we cook our meals ourselves. I pre-plan every meal and snack so it keeps us within our points and I splurge usually once during the trip. Our upcoming trip to Colorado will include a homemade chocolate cake for the hubby’s birthday! But one of the things you can do, regardless if you stay in a hotel or if you have an RV, is to pack lots of fresh fruit. I pack a fruit basket for the trailer/hotel as well. If you drive like we do, prepping that fruit is a life saver! I cut up, wash, and portion as much as I possibly can! I also like getting packages of the pre-sliced apples for the actual road trip because it makes it so much easier to eat while on the road. Fresh veggies to snack on are a great idea as well. Just apply the same principal to prep beforehand. I also pack cooler friendly sandwiches and portion out our favorite low fat chips. Below is our traveling menu.

As you can see from the menu above, I leave lots of extra points for little splurges. If we’re out at a park and want to grab an ice cream cone, I can get one. Or, if we’re not at the camper for a snack, I have the extra points to enjoy one on the go (don’t worry, that 18 extra points on the last day WILL be used! )

My absolute favorite road trip snacks are WW snacks. You can order them online or find a meeting close to you and most of them sale some of the WW products. The great thing about these are they taste good, they are already portioned AND most (if not all) are under 4 points! It’s win/win.  Other snacks that are good are Cheez-Its and Goldfish crackers. Gives you that “snacking” feeling.

Most hotels have refrigerators and microwaves, so taking things that you can heat up in a microwave is possible. This can also help cut back on eating out. When we visit our family up north every year, we eat out for every breakfast. We actually only eat out maybe twice for dinner the entire trip. The rest of the time my MIL cooks us dinner. But nothing in between. So having something to pop in the microwave or pull out of the fridge makes temptation a bit easier to manage.

Going out to eat on vacation is common. If you can’t find the restaurant in your tracker, than my best advice is to just use common sense. Stay away from fried foods and go for grilled or baked. Try to choose good, lean protein like chicken, turkey, or seafood. Load up on the veggies if you can. Try substituting another veggie for the baked potato. Ask someone at the table if they could half the potato with you. Avoid the bread. The most important thing you can do while traveling and eating out is to decide before you go. I like to see if the restaurant is online and look up their menu so I know ahead exactly what I want. If I decide to splurge, then I decide ahead of time to do so and know exactly what I’m going to splurge on.

Be sure to pack a cooler full of water. Water is SO important, I can’t begin to express this enough. Don’t allow a vacation to take you away from your water.

Traveling is a wonderful way to get out and make more memories with your family or even visit family you haven’t seen in a while. You can travel and still stay on track. It just takes a little planning and prepping and you will have a successful trip!

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  1. Jo Anne Dean says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. We are headed to Florida in June. Shelley and I split a lot of our meals.


    1. pickiest says:

      I love splitting meals with someone. It prevents you from over-eating! 🙂 I have a weakness for road trip snacks, so prepping for me is extremely important. Helps fill that need to snack, but in a healthy way. I’m glad you enjoyed the tips!


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