WW: Make it work for you

I have to start this by being honest. When I first began to write this informational editorial (fancy right?), I started it angry. You see, this is regarding a post I read on another Facebook group. One of the most common questions in the world of WW is “Should I be eating all my points?”. The person in question wrote a short little blog about this question and posed it to her WW leader. The answer according to her leader? “Yes, everyone should eat all their points.” The real answer? NO, each person is different.

The part that makes me angry is that we expect WW leaders to be informative and have all the answers. The RIGHT answers. So when they don’t, what happens? We get angry, frustrated, we quit. We think there is something wrong with us and we finally reach a point where we give up. I know you are wondering what is the right answer right? Read on…

The right answer to this questions is: you. The answer for you is different than it is for me, or the other person, or the other person. You know that saying “we’re all the same on the inside”? Not true. Each of us are unique in how we process foods. I eat carbs, my aunt has to limit hers. Each and every single one of us are different. Personally, my daily point intake is the 10/5 rule. Never be under more than 10 and never be over by more than 5. But this is what works for me.

My lifestyle is different than yours. I have medical needs for my IR, while you may have none or a whole other set of needs. You may be more active than I am. You may be someone who eats a lot of zero point foods. Which leads me to another problem…people are gorging themselves out there on zero point foods and then eating their points in addition to that! OMG!! Please do NOT do this!!!

Be smart about your food and how much you consume. You might be eating zero point foods or you might be like me – I don’t like most of them and am eating my points. Just because I have 5 points left over for the day, doesn’t mean I NEED to consume them. My weight loss will not be hindered by not eating those points.

How to make Weight Watchers work for you? Make sure you are eating a well balanced diet. Try to eliminate artificial/pre-packaged foods when and where you can. Move a little bit every day. Drink lots of water. And you know the most important part of making it work for you? Breathe! Enjoy your journey. Forget to weigh in. This is so much not about the scales or the pants size, it is about living this journey. Celebrating the triumphs, trying new things, working the program and tailoring it to make it work for YOU.

If anybody ever gives you a “One size fits all” answer, don’t believe them. Research it, experiment with it. Make it work for you.

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