Chicken Taco Minis (WW Freestyle friendly!)

Taco Tuesday just got a whole lot better and easier! I was spending 12 WW points for Tacos every week! Now, I only spend a whopping 5!!! Let’s get to the recipe…

Don’t forget to read to the very end for tips to make it personalized!


3 chicken breasts

¼ cup Old El Paso taco seasoning

½ cup water

Old El Paso taco mini boats

Fat free cheddar cheese



Mix water and seasoning together. Add chicken to crockpot, then add water & seasoning mixture. Set on low for 8 hours (or high for 4). Once cooked, shred chicken and enjoy!

I heated my taco boats in the air fryer. I accidentally did it for 5 minutes and they got a little crunchy. They were still good.

Each boat hold about 1 teaspoon of meat. I’ve no idea how many servings it makes. But for 1 serving, 4 minis, it is 5 points made the way I instructed. YUMO!

Personalize it!

As with all of my recipes, this is a base. Always remember no recipe is one size fits all, they can all be customized to fit your tastes or dietary needs.


Instead of taco seasoning, use your favorite zero point salsa. Dump the chicken & salsa in the crockpot and bam! Or, you could take the time to chop up some onions and your favorite peppers. Add some fat free refried beans, etc. Make it yours!

This would also be a great dish for a party or large family gathering. The crockpot would keep the meat warm while everyone munches and socializes. Leftovers freeze well (I have a ton left over!)

Edited: I recently discovered that Mission Carb balance fajita tortillas are 1 point for 1 or 4 points for 3!!!!

Get cookin’!

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