We all have been told by now how bad soda is for our bodies. But do we all fully realize just HOW bad it really is? Should we believe what we are being told? I mean, yeah, we probably shouldn’t drink a 2 liter a day, but is it really THAT bad? I’ve done some research and this is what I have found…

A website called “Food Revolution” lists 21 reasons soda is bad for you:

The following information was copied from their website.

1. Soda can cause a decline in kidney function.

2. Soda increases diabetes risk.

3. Soda cans are lined with BPA.

4. Soda dehydrates you.

5. Caramel coloring in soda is linked to cancer.

6. Caramel coloring in soda is linked to vascular issues.

7. Soda is high in calories.

8. Soda increases obesity risk in children.

9. Soda increases heart disease in men.

10. Acid in soda wears away dental enamel.

11. Soda contains high amounts of sugar

12. Soda contains artificial sweeteners.

13. Soda depletes your mineral levels.

14. Drinking soda changes your metabolism.

15. Drinking more than one soda daily increases your risk for heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

16. Diet soda does not help you lose weight.

17. Diet sodas contain mold inhibitors.

18. Sodas containing ascorbic acid and potassium benzoate can form benzene, a known carcinogen.

19. Daily sodas and other sugar sweetened drinks are linked to Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD).

20. Some sodas contain flame retardant.

21. Soda is linked to asthma.

I encourage you to visit their website and read through it. It is eye opening.

My thoughts:

Depending on the size of soda you drink, you are looking at your full intake of daily sugar, usually in one small can of soda. Roughly about 10 teaspoons.  I did some research to try and give you some kind of estimation of how many sodas is ok to drink a day, the jury seems to be permanently out on this. So, in my opinion, I would talk to your doctor about it. He/she knows your medical history the best and can appropriately direct you.  I only allow 1 can of Sprite per week. Most of the time I share that with my son. The fact remains, regardless if we like it or not, the absolute BEST way to hydrate your body is plain and simple – water. If you are striving to be healthy and/or live a cleaner lifestyle, it may be time to ditch the soda and finally become friends with water. 

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