Friday check in

So this week has been quite the ‘thrill ride’. Monday, I tried to cut off my fingers and poison myself with salmonella. Tuesday, I forgot to set out the meat for my son’s dinner, he literally had chips (don’t judge me, there was also a small frozen pizza involved). Finally, by Wednesday I felt as if I was getting it together. Went to bed at a decent time too! Of course, the puppy had to wake me at 3 am!!! A small success, on Thursday afternoon, I REALLY wanted to take the easy route and stop somewhere for a fast-food lunch, but I talked myself out of it and went home and made a salad instead (pictured below). Kinda proud of myself! Plus, the hubby came home from his business trip Thursday night.

Chicken Salad: Romaine lettuce, 1 TBSP bacon bits, 1 TBSP sunflower kernels, a sprinkle of Fat Free cheddar, 15 croutons, grilled chicken breast & Bolthouse ranch – 7 points

I really hate the weeks he has to go out of town. We’ve been married almost 14 years and we’ve come to depend on each other in a big way. Doing the work of two people is EXHAUSTING!!! You single parents out there have my eternal respect! Between trying to get more content on my blog, raising my child, cooking like a mad woman, dealing with 2 dogs, one of them being a puppy, plus normal everyday crap has made this woman tired.

Wait….are you still wondering about the “tried to cut my finger off and poison myself with salmonella”? Ok, so Monday my plan was to make my Mini Taco Boats for the blog. Mornings are not good for me as I am usually running around like a lunatic getting everything ready to go. I had to wait until lunch to put the chicken in the crockpot. I get home for lunch, put the package of chicken on the counter, took the dogs outside, then came in and made my lunch. I remembered I had a few checks I needed to get into the bank, so I made sure to grab those. I have to admit, I was kinda proud of myself for remembering those darn things, they have only been sitting there for a month. Anyway, I took the dogs back outside one last time, and left for the bank. We have our beach vacation coming up in about a month and I was daydreaming about that. Got the checks in the bank and was on my way back to work, kinda in a good mood when I suddenly remembered: THE CHICKEN!!! Shit, shit, shit!!!! I was about ¾ of the way back to work and had to turn around and go back home.

I trimmed the fat off that chicken so fast, literally I am shocked I walked away and no blood was shed. God was lookin’ out for me there! Ok, so maybe the salmonella was a little extreme, but you had to be there.

I’m still struggling with staying on track, but I keep pushing. I’ve never wanted to be healthy more than I have since I began this journey. But my demons want to take control and I am in a full-on war with my own mind right now. I’m determined to keep fighting and keep pushing. Even though I haven’t really been counting points this week and I did splurge on donuts Monday morning, I haven’t gained or lost. So there is that and I’ll take it as a win right now.

This weekend for me is all about planning. I need to get more organized because it helps me stay on track, stay focused and keeps my stress levels down.

Hope your weekend is healthy and well spent! Stay picky peeps!

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