WW Holiday Planning

Holidays are coming up and you’re freaking out because you don’t want to stray too far over your points, but how do you do this? How do you host or attend a holiday party with all the scrumptious food and NOT go over your points? Well, it IS possible with a few of these tips, you can stay within your points and still enjoy the party!

The great thing in this day and age is that the internet is a treasure trove of information. Healthy recipes are at your fingertips. I start planning for a holiday, or any get-together, a few weeks in advance. I sit down, with a pad a pen, or in front of my computer and try to develop the best, healthiest meal I can come up with. I also have my WW tracker nearby to total points. It’s amazing how easily ingredients can be swapped to enjoy a low point meal (including dessert). Worried about everyone else? Believe me when I say they will never know! I have gotten so many compliments on food dishes and the person had no clue they were eating something healthy.

If hosting a holiday party:

WW recipes, Pinterest, and several Facebook groups are great resources for great recipes. Another trick I like to do is take an existing recipe, like chocolate pie for instance, and see how I can make changes to lower the point value. Instead of real sugar, I use Splenda. Instead of whole milk or heavy cream, I use Splenda liquid creamer. Instead of full fat butter, I use a light butter. AND IT’S STILL DELICIOUS!

Also, planning meals in advance, allows you to test out any new recipes before the dinner. This way, you can make tweaks to it, so when the big day comes, it’s perfect!

If attending a holiday party:

This gets a bit trickier. If you know the host, call ahead and request a few dishes that fall within your plan. Even offer to pay for them and drop off ahead of time, or ask if they would mind if you brought a few things. I’ve hosted plenty of parties and if someone did this, I would have no problem with it. As a host of any party, you want each of your guests to be happy and comfortable.

If you are going to a party that was last minute or with people you don’t know, eat zero point foods all day until the party. This will save your points for the party so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Just be cautious to not overeat. Small portions, no breads, lots of water, etc. Use your “food common sense” in these situations. And just think – if you do this, you should be able to indulge in a little sweetness too!

The fact is, life shouldn’t stop just because you are trying to be a healthier you. This is a lifestyle, not a diet. You make it work and you make it fit. With just a little effort, you can enjoy yourself, be relaxed, make lots of beautiful memories, and still stay on the right path in your journey.

Happy Holidays!

Stay Picky ya’ll!!!

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