WW: Online vs. Meetings

WW offers 3 options to help you on your journey to being a healthier you.

  1. Digital
  2. Workshop+Digital
  3. Personal Coaching+Digital

One of the questions that gets asked a lot is: “Which one should I choose?” First off, let me start by saying this is a personal choice. While it’s good to get feedback from people on their experience, this choice is one YOU have to live with and nobody else. Ladies, it’s like asking someone for their input on thongs, high thigh, or boy cut panties. Men, it’s like asking boxers, briefs or trunks. It’s about what you need to help you on your journey. In this tool editorial, we’re going to exam all three and give my opinion on each.


This option gives you access to WW online community called ‘Connect’ (similar to Instagram). This is where you can connect with WW members all over the world and share ideas, frustrations, and successes. It’s a wonderful community filled with people just like us. You also have access to WW tracker, which will include your tracking, where you enter your daily food intake and it gives you the points used & remaining. You also have access to the recipe builder so you can continue to create your own wonderful recipes to help you stay on track (or use one of mine 😉 ). Lastly, it gives you a place to enter your weight and help you keep track of your progress. Oh, and before I forget, it has a wonderful little feature called the barcode scanner. This little tool comes in handy while grocery shopping. You simply scan the barcode of a food item and it tells you how many points it is per serving. Pretty nifty!

This is the plan I have, because it is what suits me and my lifestyle best. I am not a fan of large, face-to-face crowds. It makes me super uncomfortable. I’ve always been better at self-motivating. Besides, with the connect feature and the plethora of online groups, support is right in front of my face when I need it.


This plan gives you all the perks of digital, plus a real live, in-person coach. WW has meeting groups EVERYWHERE! They are even global. Chances are, there is a meeting place not far from where you work or live. One of the perks to joining this plan, other than the fact you have face-to-face support, is that often in these meetings, when WW has a new product, you get to test it. FOR FREE! Plus, most of these meeting places sell WW products. No more waiting on the postman to deliver them! You can just pick up what you need at your next meeting.

This plan is for those who need extra support and accountability. If you are someone who cannot self-motivate and need that accountability, then this option is going to best suit your goals. You will have weekly accountability in your journey, hands on coaching, and access to be the first to try new products. It’s really a win/win situation!

Personal Coaching+Digital

THIS is the ultimate plan. This plan gives you your personal coach. This coach will contact you on a regular basis, design plans to around your schedule to meet your goals. Plus, you still have all the benefits of the app!  

This plan would be for the person who doesn’t like group meetings, yet struggles with self-motivation or the person who doesn’t know where or how to start and still gives you the accountability you need.

So there you have it, a run-down of the plans offered by WW. With the different types of plans, you have no excuse to not succeed, except yourself.  Remember, you can upgrade if you need to. If you start off with digital and decide it’s not enough for you, you can upgrade to one of the other packages. WW has designed their program with every type of person. The only thing holding you back, is you. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and get started on your healthy journey! Good luck!

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