Friday Check in

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a check in, so strap yourself in and get comfortable. This is going to be a long one.

So we went on our end of summer vacation to Galveston, Tx at the end of July as we do every year. As usual, I worked my butt off all week leading up to vacation, cleaning, planning and getting everything and everybody ready. This year, we got a wonderful surprise and got to take our God-daughter with us. We were all excited. We hadn’t seen her in over a year. This vacation was shaping up to be a good one.

After picking her up, I took her shopping for new clothes and I noticed she kept scratching her head. I just chalked it up to dry scalp. She just needed a good wash and condition and she’ll be good to go. We finished our shopping and went home. We really enjoyed having her around and my son was just over the moon. I ordered pizza from our favorite pizza place and gave myself a splurge. The next day was really crazy busy. I had to get the trailer all loaded up, food packed and clothes ready to go. Plus, I was still trying to get things done around the house. I was ticking off chores like they were minutes leading to our departure. As I was packing stuff up, I realized, all the snacks were JUNK. Oh well, I told myself. With all the extra activity, I could afford a splurge or two.

Saturday morning we were finally on the road. This was MY vacation. This is the vacation I look forward to every year. I swear the ocean is part of my soul. It makes me feel calm and more centered. I suppose it’s similar to people who meditate. The anticipation during the drive kills me.

I didn’t make us sandwiches. I didn’t prep any fruit. We were stuck eating the junk my hubs bought for the kids. All I could think everytime I ate something was, “I can’t believe I am doing this.” See, last year was my first year on WW and I was on a great streak. I just knew that when we went on vacation this year I would be so much better and sporting a new swimsuit and summer clothes. But, I screwed up. That didn’t happen. I’ve been trying to bounce back ever since. It kind upset me a little. But I was determined to not think about it and enjoy my vacation.

As usual, my feet hurt and ached so bad. Of course, they were swollen, about double their size. Which they remained that way the entire vacation. I catch myself wondering if that will ever change. I mean, it’s not like I stay on my feet the whole time during vacation. I really don’t understand why they don’t go down. And I don’t think they ever really stop hurting. But again, I tried hard to block it out. I didn’t want to be weighed down by all of that while at my favorite place.

A few days into our vacation, my God-daughter’s head itching started to get worse, so my husband looked in her hair and sure enough…HEAD LICE! I mean, what the heck do you do about that on vacation??? He went and got a Nix comb that shocks the lice and eggs. It was the best thing he could think of. We don’t have a washer & dryer in the trailer, so it’s not like we could treat everything. I just ran that comb through her hair everyday we were there. We prayed my son didn’t get it. He has Autism and this would send him over the edge knowing he had bugs in his hair!

That was the first thing. Then, on the way home one of the tires on our trailer shredded. Like, exploded! Thank goodness for a nice person on the interstate for flagging my hubs to let him know something was wrong. My poor husband changed that tire in the scorching Houston heat! Bless him! Luckily, that was about the only bad luck we had on the drive home. Once we were home though…

My hubs went to the store Thursday morning and bought a ton of lice treatment. I treated her hair, then cleaned and treated the trailer. Washing EVERYTHING in hot water. My head kept itching, my husband would check but never found anything. I cleaned the trailer, then we took it back to storage, then back home to start cleaning there. Friday, we took her home, then back to our home for more cleaning. Noticed my son was scratching away at his head. Yup, he got lice. We lied to him though and told him he had dry scalp and the treatment was to help it. I know, I know, but there was no way we were telling him the truth. Then, we buzz cut his hair!

On Sunday, I finally made my husband use that Nix comb on me and it lit up like a Christmas tree. So I had to treat my hair. Little note about my hair…It’s naturally curly, so ya know how your supposed to use the comb that comes with the treatment to get all the nasties out of your hair? Yeah…it kept getting tangled up in my hair. We couldn’t use it. So on the advice from a really wonderful and patient friend of mine, I’ve just been washing and blow drying it. Seriously, I look like the illegitimate child of Diana Ross…the one she hides from the world! My hair is not meant for blow drying!!!

I continued to clean until Tuesday. Treating everything with lice spray, lice laundry treatment, using my steam mop on my mattresses, furniture, & carpets. Scrubbing my head everyday. Treating & detailing my car. The Hubs had to leave for Texas on Tuesday morning for work again. I had to miss 2 days of work. Ran out of vacation & sick leave. Luckily I have the BEST boss and can make it all up. To tie all this up in a nice little bow…The puppy woke me up at 3am Wednesday morning and as I come in from outside to make me a cup of coffee, I notice my kitchen sink is inundated with ants!

So how have I dealt with all the stress? By stuffing my mouth. Yes, I’m ashamed to admit it, but, I have been awful with eating. I hate the fact something has that kind of a hold over me. But, I am refocusing. I’ve gotten through this. I “think” the lice is gone or at least on it’s way out. And, I’ve set a goal for myself. That’s right, a goal. Now I’m not someone who does well with setting goals, but this one should be easy if I just commit myself to my journey again.

The goal? Next summer when we go to Galveston, I want to need to buy a new swimsuit. I’m not attaching a size or number on the scale. I just want to be in a place where I need a new one because the old one is too big. I think I can do that without sabotaging myself. I just need to get out of my head so much and put my whole self back into my life. It’s still important to me. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that trying to control an addiction to food is easy, because it’s not. It’s the one addiction you must deal with every single day. There is no escape. You can’t remove it. It’s there, everywhere. But I try to remind myself that I am a strong individual. I have overcome so much hell in my life. I will not let food win.

Thanks for letting me share.

Stay Picky Ya’ll!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amalia Langlinais says:

    Omg girl… I would have been stress eating like crazy. I can’t believe all that happened on your trip, vacation healthy eating is hard enough as it is.

    Good luck with your hair!! I know how hard it is to manage on a day to day basis, let alone with what happened.


    1. pickiest says:

      Thanks. It has been really stressful! I’m thinking about treating it again, just to be safe. But, I’ll get through this and hopefully be stronger when I come out the other side. 😊


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